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Are you currently STRUGGLING to maximize your Facebook ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and minimize your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)?

Have you ever dreamt of working with a PROFIT-OBSESSED Facebook Media Buyer who’d make sure your ads are bringing in maximum profit as if she’s a shareholder herself?

Do you believe that hiring a cheap Facebook Ads Manager would COST YOU MORE in the long run? (Reminder: You’re spending thousands of $$$ on Facebook ads!)

If you answered “YES!” to all of these, then we might just be a great fit!

Hi, I’m Rain


I’m a Freelance Facebook Ads Manager (ROAS Maximizer & CPA Minimizer) with a goal to help you turn 2021 into your business’ MOST PROFITABLE year yet!

I’ve quickly sharpened my skills by working as a Facebook Media Buyer for a UK-based affiliate marketing company that HEAVILY relied on FB advertising.

🔥 Recognized as the best media buyer when it comes to campaign optimization
🔥 Managed & sustained maximum profitability of the biggest & most profitable accounts
🔥 Almost $100k ad spend managed in less than a year
🔥 Extensive experience on optimizing ads to lower CPC/CPA, boost CTR, and yield a higher ROAS
🔥 I can write high-converting Facebook ad copy as well!


Client Results

5 months | 91 campaigns | $23,533 Ad Spend

 15 days | 6 ads | P4,272 Ad Spend | P165, 974 Revenue | ROAS up to 116

5,008 Leads | $4.64 CPL | $23,348 Ad Spend In a span of 8 months

24 campaigns | P116,633 Ad Spend | P958,810 Revenue | ROAS of 8.42 In a span of 3 months

P15,276 Ad Spend | P291,453 Revenue | ROAS up to 21.37 In a span of 1 month

More Client Results

Client Testimonials

Testimonial from James

“Rain is always super responsive, always been reliable when it comes to being there when she says she’s going to be.

When extra work needs to be put in or overtime needs to be put in, Rain is not hesitant to do so as long as she’s available”

-James Viola | CEO Family Law Accelerator

Testimonial from Brandon

Rain played a big part for the success of Affirmation Hacks

She crushed Facebook Ads, she went above and beyond she even literally created content for us, did copy, she was always creating new ad sets, new ads, new campaigns just continuously testing

She took us from $1000 a month to in a matter of 2months to $17000 a month”

-Brandon Kohl | CEO Affirmation Hacks

I’m looking to help 1-2 clients turn 2021 into their business’ MOST PROFITABLE year yet (amidst the pandemic) by managing their Facebook ad spend for them!









email me at

3 Reasons Why I’m the Facebook Ads Manager You’re Looking For

🎯 #1: I’m an OC (obsessive-compulsive) & COMPETITIVE Facebook Ads Manager.

– I’m obsessed with optimization and wouldn’t sleep well at night knowing your ads aren’t profitable
– I can’t stand not being the best among my fellow media buyers or, if none, your competition
– I’d care about your profit as if I were a shareholder myself since my #1 goal is to provide value

🎯 #2: I’m looking for ONLY 1 full-time client or 2 retainer clients.

I know that most freelancers have a tendency to over accept clients because they want to earn as much money as possible. Lucky for you, I’m not one of them.

I want to make sure my clients’ ads bring in as much profit as possible, that’s why I’m STRICTLY only looking for 1-2 clients.

🎯 #3: I am NOT a cheap Facebook Ads Manager.

This might look like I’m trying to repel you, but this is actually great news IF you’re looking to hire the most cost-effective (not the cheapest) Facebook Ads Strategist.

I’m sure you know that fresh grads & newbies charge cheap rates just to get clients…

But I know that SMART business owners like you, believe that you get what you pay for…

(Am I right?)

So if you’re even slightly interested to work with me…

👉Shoot me a message or an email at today!👈

(I won’t be available soon!)

Clients I have worked with

She’s incredible, she’s amazing, she’s so nice, genuine, great customer service, always available to talk,
works around your schedule, I would highly suggest hiring her”

-Brandon Kohl

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